About Us

THE PHENOME PROJECT was started by Lasan Edward Davis MD “Nighteagle” in the nineties and was an outgrowth of the doctor’s learning to combine his astrological background with his studies in medicine. As an obstetric resident he began his research into the mechanism for the initiation of labor which ultimately resulted in a book entitled. THE BREATH OF LIFE, THE BIOLOGIC CLOCK OF HUMAN REPRODUCTION AND THE INITIANTION OF HUMAN LABOR. His work in the study of the pineal gland eventually evolved into the Phenome Project since it is the pineal gland that is the mediator of determining human phenotype. We all know that a phenotype is what a genotype becomes in its interaction with the environment. A chameleon for example will change its genotype to phenotype by changing its natural color to one influenced by his surroundings. Even Gregor Mendel, the founder of Modern Genetics, stated it plainly, that it is the environment that determines the ultimate expression of genes or phenotype. A flower with a gene for yellow color petals will not display yellow if the proper environment is not present.