Genetic Sex

From another perspective we are able also to do compatibility genetics to determine the best matches for you. For a fee, as an example we can tell all birthdays that you are likely to be compatible with and the ones you are not likely to be compatible with (View Prices). This applies to romantic or business relationships. Love is special and cannot occur with just anyone. It is unique just as your DNA is unique. Everyone’s personality or DNA is unique and each relationship you have with others is also unique.The right DNA makes magic. Only we can tell if your partner is your Viagra, or if a close business partner may be a hindrance to you. We can compare phenotypes to help prevent diseases from being passed to offspring (View Prices). Some diseases develop later in life but children and marriages occur usually early in life. Often a disease is not realized until later or it may even be recessive for both parents. The child conceived may inherit both recessive genes from each parent and result in disease. Recessive traits or diseases like vitiligo do not appear until late adulthood so the parents will not be aware they carry the recessive trait before they have children. We can tell if both parents are recessive for the same condition. Sickle cell for example is another disease transmitted in this fashion. As such, we will recommend DNA testing for persons suspected of having a genetic disorder of this type. This service often requires two genetic profile questionnaires to be completed. Note: you will not be able to get disease phenotype information regarding another person, girlfriend or spouse without written permission or consent from the person. Only compatibility information and non disease markers like female squirting or male baldness can be provided for couples without consent. You must fill out the Genetic Profile Questionnaire in full for the Genetic Sex Service. Each partner must do so. We have to evaluate all disease possibilities to be able to provide counseling in these matters. If you are not sure about a genetic trait in your family, you should consider getting tested for diseases now being tested for at your local physician’s office. Our aim is genetic compatibility and improved genetic outcomes with offspring. We must warn however, that genetic testing and disease transmission are dependent on the ongoing process of genetic mutation or evolution. In fact,  since males make new sperm daily they are likely to transmit learned behavior, whether positive or negative, to their offspring in this lifetime.  Ladies and gentleman,  this is scientific proof that ” the sins of the father are passed to his offspring” . This was stated by Jesus thousands of years ago.  Women, however, only have eggs that they are born with and transmit learned behaviors of this life in the next life. Negative behaviors become genetically encoded.  Science and religious philosophy confirm that biology is destiny.  If you sow negativity, it is reaped in your genes.   So,  “be sweet” like your mother and grandmother have told you.  In conclusion, one parent may have adult onset diabetes and still have a child born with childhood diabetes based on current life behaviors of the father causing an increase in the intensity of his genetic proclivity to pass on the disease.  We are able to determine recessiveness for all the traits listed but we cannot assess your mutations resulting from current life behaviors. Through this process of mutation a recessive trait in one parent can become dominant in in an offspring. Mutations can also occur from environmental toxicity or pathogens.  Of course when both parents are recessive for a trait it is much more likely that the trait will be transmitted to the offspring.


For those on the dating scene and need assistance we can compare a potential date for potential compatibility rated as: poor, good, very good or excellent (View Prices). This is a preliminary analysis and not a basis for long term relationship or marriage but is a good source of analysis of very basic chemistry.


Genetic Sex Registry

Genetic matching must include to a certain extent what a person would like to find in a person from a purely objective view. It is the left brain superficial concerns that do have influence in compatibility. Chemistry is important but so are likes and dislikes of persons. The ideal is to have someone who is like you but also is your complement.


For a small fee, you can sign up to be placed in the registry to be matched with others who register. When a match is found, you will be contacted with the results. See the Tests and Consulting page for purchasing options.