Second Opinions

If you have been given a diagnosis that you question or if your doctor has difficulty with a diagnosis we offer second opinions to help (View Prices). These are done on a case by case basis. Health professionals who need a consult can benefit from our services (View Prices). Psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, or any one in the business of providing health care and want all the resources available. Email us your concern and we can see if we can be of assistance. Again, we have markers for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Those in Psychiatry or other counseling services could benefit from our service especially since schizophrenia often does not appear until adolescence or later. We have markers that exist at birth that can be useful to plan intervention strategies to allay or prevent the condition entirely. Other diseases are difficult to diagnose. Diseases like multiple sclerosis, some brain or cerebellar tumors and even rheumatoid arthritis can be discerned by us many years prior to occurrence.